A collection of talks I've given. I only have slides for most of these, which might not be particularly useful on their own unfortunately, but here they are anyway. (Maybe if you ask me nicely I'll come to your meetup and present one of them.)

Easy incremental CI builds with GHC 9.4

I gave this talk to SF Haskell in Nov 2022. It describes a patch that I contributed to GHC, which changes how GHC determines whether source files have changed during incremental builds so that it is based on content hashes rather than timestamps, and how this change makes it significantly easier to speed up Haskell CI builds by only needing to recompile modules that have changed since the previous CI build.

Down with Show!

I wrote this talk in 2018. It discusses what the responsibility of the Show type class in Haskell and PureScript should be, and whether we can do better (I'd argue: yes).

Enhancing PureScript's Pursuit

I gave this talk to London Haskell in 2015, while I was working on Pursuit for my Google Summer of Code project. It discusses my progress on the project and the implementation strategy.

Dealing with asynchronous-ness in PureScript

I gave this talk to Lambdaheads Vienna in 2015. It's an introduction to the Aff monad in PureScript: a library which makes asynchronous code really nice to work with.