Harry Garrood

location: Buckinghamshire, UK email: harry@garrood.me web: http://harry.garrood.me


Halarose Ltd

Software developer

October 2011 - September 2013

Halarose's main product is a large (800 thousand lines of code) and complex piece of software which is used by local authorities for managing sensitive electoral data. I mainly worked on its development team. This included designing and adding features, fixing bugs, and refactoring. I also took responsibility for the migration to, and continued use of, a new bug tracking system (Redmine). This involved creating an automated self-verifying backup system as well as a plugin which enabled storage of release notes alongside individual issues. The plugin is now open-source and used by a number of other organisations. Additionally, I created a web interface to the company's customer database, and provided some customer-facing technical support.

Planet Labs, Inc


June 2014 - August 2014

Planet Labs aims to capture satellite imagery of the entire Earth every day. I worked on their Infrastructure team, improving the security of internal web applications. This involved designing and implementing a couple of authentication mechanisms, including a single-sign on service, penetration testing, and system administration. I also ran some sessions teaching Haskell.


  • Object-oriented programming (Ruby, C#)
  • Functional programming (Haskell)
  • Version control (SVN and Git)
  • Software testing (both manual and automated)
  • Web technologies (HTTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Yesod)
  • Unix-like operating systems; currently my OS of choice is Ubuntu Linux



Currently studying Mathematics at Edinburgh University.

A levels

Maths, Further Maths AA
Physics A*
German (Pre-U) D21
Chemistry (AS) A

1In Pre-U grades, the 'D' stands for Distinction; a D2 is marginally better than an A*.


8 A*s, including Maths and three sciences, one A, and one B.


  • Google Summer of Code 2015 participant for PureScript. I created a documentation and code search hub for PureScript packages, using Hoogle internally to enable searching by both function names and types.
  • Proficient German speaker: I spent one semester on an exchange in Vienna, where I was taught in German.
  • I was a Publicity Manager on the Edinburgh University Music Society committee. I was responsible for ensuring that people come to our concerts, making use of the web, social media, and posters.
  • Music: I also sing in the EUMS choir, and play the 'cello in one of the orchestras, as well as playing the baritone horn in brass bands. I am also a self-taught guitarist and bassist, and played in a band while I was at school.
  • Winning team in the Edinburgh Game Development Society 2013 GameJam (an event in which teams must produce a playable game in one weekend).
  • Won the Edinburgh University Functional Programming Competition in 2013 with a program which renders a zoom sequence of the Mandelbrot set.