Stepping down from the PureScript core team

I’ve decided it is time for me to step down from the PureScript core team.

This is for a mixture of reasons: partially, that the role involves a lot of small, annoying things that eventually add up, and for a while now have felt too much like work to me; partially that I write code full time already and I think that spending more than 40 hours per week thinking about code is not good for me, and there are people and things in my life that I should be devoting that time to instead; partially that I want to give the rest of the core team a bit more space to take the project in the direction they think is best.

I don’t want this to sound jaded, because I am enormously grateful to have had the opportunity to help lead this project. I’ve learned so much from all the things I’ve worked on and from all the people I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and I’m so proud of what we’ve built together.

As for what this means practically: I have unwatched all of the repositories under the various PureScript organizations on GitHub (purescript, purescript-contrib, purescript-web, purescript-node, etc) and do not plan to keep up with them going forward. However, I am happy to be pinged from time to time on specific issues or PRs where my input is likely to be particularly useful. Importantly, if I’ve thrown a spanner in the works of a suggested feature or change by raising a complex objection which is difficult to resolve, which I know I do quite often, I want to give explicit permission to maintainers to dismiss that objection if they think that’s the right course of action - perhaps by saying something like “actually, we think this thing Harry thought of isn’t likely to be that big of a deal in practice, and the positives will probably outweigh the negatives.” (That last bit ought to go without saying, but I just want to be sure.) As for the PureScript libraries under my personal GitHub account, I will continue to accept pull requests to get them compiling again after upstream breaking changes (if any), but realistically, that’s probably about it.

So, there it is. Maybe I’ll come back and involve myself in PureScript again at some point in the future, or maybe I won’t; I don’t know yet. I’m sending my best wishes to the rest of the core team: the PureScript community is incredibly lucky to have such a talented and kind group of people looking after it, and I’m excited to see what you come up with next :)