Pursuit 2 has been deployed!

The next iteration of the PureScript code search tool, Pursuit, is quite a large change from previous versions. It now acts as a central place for documentation of PureScript packages, as well as allowing you to search through PureScript code. In particular:

  • All types in documentation are links pointing to the documentation for that type. For example, if you are looking at the Signal data type from purescript-signal, and see its Semigroup instance listed, but you forget what that means, you can simply click on it to be taken to the Semigroup definition.
  • Pursuit now integrates Hoogle for code search, meaning that the name search is significantly better, and also meaning that you can search by type! For example, try searching for s (t a) -> t (s a).
  • Each package now has its own homepage, showing where it can be found on GitHub, and displaying its README and a list of the modules it contains.
  • Unlike GitHub markdown documentation, Pursuit will only display released versions of packages, so that you never are accidentally looking at the documentation for the master branch.

The package uploading guide explains how to upload documentation for your own packages.

You can access Pursuit at http://pursuit.purescript.org. (The old one is now at http://old-pursuit.purescript.org). For any comments, suggestions, or bug reports please report issues on GitHub or let us know on #purescript IRC on Freenode.